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How can it be that libertarians are called far-right fascists?

Gabriel Zanotti

How can it be that those of us who defend the North American Constitution of 1789, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence of 1776 are called fascists?

So that all human beings have been created equal by God with their rights to freedom, life and the pursuit of happiness was drafted by Mussolini?

How can it be that those of us who defend freedom of association, religious freedom, free speech and freedom of teaching are called fascists?

Could it be that with all these rights the non-believer is legally protected, but so is the believer?

Is it so bothersome that, therefore, with these individual freedoms, the believer has the right to reject the LGBT agenda without being persecuted by the FBI or being declared a “domestic terrorist”?

With these individual freedoms, if you want to speak with e, with x or with u, speak, but anyone who does NOT want to speak like that, or address you like that, also has the right to do so. With those freedoms, you can teach your child whatever you want, and therefore, there will be parents who teach their children what they want about their religious beliefs and worldview.

With these freedoms, if you are an adult and want to mutilate your penis, do it, but what you will not be able to do is persecute parents who protect their children from that mutilation as terrorists.

With these freedoms, if you are an adult and want to mutilate your breasts, do it, but what you will not be able to do is send the FBI to the parents who oppose their daughter doing it.

With these freedoms, if you want to celebrate your gay wedding, do it, but what you won't be able to do is force the baker back home to make your cake.

Is that what's bothering?

Does THAT classical liberalism bother you?

Is defending THOSE freedoms “fascism, extreme right, etc”?

Could it be that you don't distinguish between respecting freedoms, on the one hand, and, on the other, forcibly lowering the LGBT agenda of the United Nations, turning anyone who opposes it into a criminal?

And from that “clarity of ideas”, do you call a libertarian who defends the individual freedom of everyone, yours, but also that of the believer, that of the Venusian and that of the Martian, a fascist?

Someone once told me “Pull up your mask, Gabriel, I know your freedom, but…” NO! It was not “my” freedom!!! It was yours too!!! Yours and everyone's!!!!!!

Or could it be that, deep down, you hate religion so much that if a believer goes to prison for being a believer, you let it go, you don't care, or you encourage it?

And when you go to prison because now the UN is being given the same power that Mussolini, Hitler and Stalin had precisely?

In the name of what moral authority will you defend your freedom?

And you know that you can't tell me that I don't have the moral authority to defend freedom.

That the totalitarian left around the world speaks of fascism to refer to libertarians, ok, but that it is done by liberals who have a hermitage erected to Macron and Trudeau, is a symptom of an ideological decadence among our ranks that will produce such a big crack. that we will no longer be able to talk about “us” anymore.

Gabriel J. Zanotti was born in Buenos Aires in 1960; He has a degree in Philosophy from the Universidad del Norte Santo Tomás de Aquino, UNSTA, in 1984, and a Doctor in Philosophy from the Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA), 1990.

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