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It is not difficult to understand through observation and common sense how a primitive world works, in which people are almost self-sufficient. I say "almost" because man can never be totally self-sufficient throughout his life.

The individual is a family being, in the sense that without the family he cannot even preserve the species. The human being is totally dependent to subsist in the extremes of his life: when he is a baby he will soon perish without the care of his parents, and when he is old he is also unable to provide for his needs.

Common sense may suffice to understand primitive society, because it is not complex. In that society the tasks are simple and fulfilled very directly. To satisfy hunger, some member of the family goes hunting or harvesting. They also make their hut, their clothing and even their tools. They divide the work among themselves, but in a rudimentary way, and everyone enjoys the fruit of everyone's work as a community. Each person exercises the exclusive right to use very few things, and the hierarchical organization system is that of the family or tribe.

The economic process.

  • Ayau Cordon, Manuel F.

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