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Sodom, Gomorrah and pornocracy

By Vanessa Kaiser Barrents von Hohenhagen

Something is happening, something very profound is changing in our Western societies. It is not, believe me, a pleasure to talk about it, but it is urgent to do so, become aware and denounce it before it succeeds. We are talking about the process of moral deconstruction promoted by the governments of the new left and promoted by the media, educational policies and all types of activist groups. This process is framed in a broader context originating from the political decision of the new left to advance moral subversion as a nuclear weapon for the complete and definitive collapse of the West.

I will take as an example events that happened in my country. A few weeks ago a close relative gave me the following diagnosis: “In Chile there are two antidemocratic leftists, one wants to destroy it by dismantling the productive apparatus; the other, degenerating the citizens.” And he is right. The weapons of this cultural battle whose purpose is to deconstruct us are deterritorialization, hypersexualization, subversion and desacralization.

What is “deterritorialization”? Since ancient times every civilization has separated the spheres of life into three: public, social and private. Later the intimate sphere would be added. Each one was destined, as Aristotle said, for specific purposes that required distinctive modes and forms of action. In the last five years we have seen the same phenomenon in Western societies, which is that the separation of the four spheres has been blurring to an extent only known under totalitarian regimes. The political importance of this fact has barely been underlined, although it is extremely serious, since in the absence of “these territories” (the language of the new left) or the separation of the different spheres of life, chaos and destruction prevail. with which God punished the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Yes, there is wisdom in the Bible; Regardless of whether you are a believer or an atheist, the truth is that one of the most effective ways to destroy a civilization is its moral degradation and this begins with the deterritorialization that the new left in general and the Chilean government in particular, have carried out. forward. From President Boric's absence of a tie to the appointment as Minister of Culture of an actress who appears in films with strong sexual content and more recently the marriage of a former minister with another triple X type character, society has been invaded by scenes pornographic. We are facing the “revolution of the unconscious, neither guns nor bullets, but the most infinite practices and modes of expression of desire. Form by which the individual frees himself from ties and converts his life into the most faithful reflection of the transgression of the prevailing order,” reads the motto of the new left.

Since the right does not have much idea of the existence of this form of struggle, no one realizes that every time it shares, as a denunciation and scandal, triple X political content that flows from the government and ministries, collaborates with the revolution of the unconscious of millions of people. And this is very serious, precisely because the necessary barriers that separate the public from the intimate are broken; Our society is being deterritorialized at a dizzying speed and, in the absence of a Church with moral influence - since in parallel it has been the object of a process of desacralization -, decadence, debasement and depravity have become normalized.

The deconstruction of our value structure opens the doors to the interference of politics in the intimate sphere, that is, it prepares citizens for a totalitarian regime. What is the strategy?

The hypersexualization of all areas of life, starting with education (ESI), under the pretext of defending historically excluded groups - which are only instrumentalized for the purposes of the new left. The result has been the genitalization of politics and the politicization of genitals. What is operating behind this rifle of deconstruction is the normalization of a type of life that is not only morally decadent, thoughtless, compulsive and, therefore, dangerous for common life, but also the legitimization of political intervention in social spheres. , private and intimate. The conversations in the Chilean Congress about “menstruating people” should not only provoke our disgust; What is the political class doing talking about the menstruation of citizens? Furthermore, it should raise our alarm, because the agents of deconstruction are going too far. There is no longer any space in life that is saved from the potential intervention of politicians aspiring to be social engineers.

The subversion of the value structures in which our civilization sinks its roots finds its best example in the appointment of Gabriel Boric, a President without a university degree and with few intellectual lights, as co-president of the High Level Steering Committee of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 of the United Nations. Do you know the purpose of the SDG whose global leadership has just been assumed by the President of Chile? “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.” More clearly stated, their role is to take charge of the education of children around the planet. Could there be a better example of the subversive nature of the famous 2030 agenda? To the above we must add that his government destroyed education in our country. And although you may not believe it, that is the goal of the new left; Only in this way can he deconstruct societies, unsettle them and impose refoundation proposals such as the two new Constitution projects that were held in a plebiscite in the country.

The effects of hypersexualization, deterritorialization and subversion are expressed in a “pornocracy,” the title of a “song” by Mon Laferte, another activist in the cultural battle unfolding in Chile. If you search for that “song” on Google, images will appear that a few years ago would have been subject to censorship. Within the same pornographic and subversive bag we find a reality show in which one of its protagonists had attitudes that border on bestiality. The worst thing is that porn subversion is becoming “culture”, that is, the bond that individuals have with their environment and with themselves. Perhaps the story of Sodom and Gomorrah is not literal and there is no God punishing perverts; but what history has proven time and time again is that it is real. When a society is perverted, it goes straight to the cliff and, make no mistake, that is the political objective of the new left.

Vanessa Kaiser Barents von Hohenhagen, PhD in Philosophy and PhD in Political Science. Director of the Hannah Arendt Chair, Autonomous University of Chile.

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